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Control which mouse button up/down events get passed to the <OnClick> event handler. See also XML registerForClicks.

  button:RegisterForClicks("clicktype1" [, "clicktype2" [, ...]])


Any number of the following strings:



       self:RegisterForClicks("LeftButtonUp", "RightButtonDown");
       print("OnClick: "..arg1);
       print("OnMouseUp: "..arg1);
       print("OnMouseDown: "..arg1);


Clicking the Left, Right and Middle buttons in turn will produce:

 OnMouseDown: LeftButton

 OnMouseUp: LeftButton
 OnClick: LeftButton

 OnMouseDown: RightButton
 OnClick: RightButton

 OnMouseUp: RightButton

 OnMouseDown: MiddleButton

 OnMouseUp: MiddleButton


  • Buttons default to having "LeftButtonUp" registered for clicks.
  • Registering for () means <OnClick> will never trigger.
  • Registering for invalid event names will not cause errors; invalid names are silently ignored.
  • The <OnMouseDown> and <OnMouseUp> handlers will always receieve all mouse up/down events.
  • ONLY BUTTONS (and widgets that inherit from Button) HAVE OnClick HANDLERS! If you want to trap mouse button events for other objects, use the OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp events.