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Demo image and help page AddOn Studio 2010 for WoW. See also AddOn Studio 2015 for World of Warcraft Demo


AddOn Studio 2015 for World of Warcraft (alpha 61208) - just after getting toolbox finally working...


UI editing screenshots

Frame edit example - new RT

Additive vs. Alpha Blend[edit]

Sample files showing additive versus alpha blend modes used by WoW and in AddOn Studio 2010. For the full article please visit Codeplex Getting around Blend Mode limitations of Forms/WPF compositing.

Alpha Blend
Additive Blend
Additive Blend - Fullbright Alpha Scale by 0.75
Additive Blend - In Game WoW SS
Additive Blend - With Text
Alpha Blend - With Text using 0.7 Alpha

Font Rendering[edit]

Sampling of rendereing differences for fonts inside AddOn Studio 2010, comparing VS 2008 GDI rendereings and 2010 WPF renderings. Can click on each picture to see the full detail for differences. Older GDI renderings are on the left or top. WPF compositing renderings are on the right or bottom.

Compare 1

Compare 2

Compare 3

Google Render

SideView - VS9 VS10